“Organizing is the foundation and voting is a tool to a successful movement.”

February 26, 2020

Blog Organizing is the foundation

We are featuring some of our talented precinct captains and asking them what organizing and voting means to them. Meet Jasmine Young and hear from her in her own words about voting and organizing.

Blog Organizing is the foundation2

Organizing is a form of civil disobedience that response to a particular economic or social issue that a particular community is experiencing. Organizing represents power and resilience. It is the most powerful tool that people can use to express their position on a particular issue and disrupt society’s normal. Organizing is the best way to bring a community together because the people in that community are all working toward the same goal — improving society for not only themselves, but for their family, friends, and future generations to come.

Blog Organizing is the foundation3

Voting is our civic duty as citizens. It is more than just picking names on a ballot. The people are choosing leaders to represent their interests, their values, and their community. It is a powerful tool people can use to directly influence our society.

Organizing is the foundation and voting is a tool to a successful movement. They both co-existence as a catalyst to impact change within our society that is resistant to accepting and appreciating the diversity that exists.