ACLU NextGen is a group of emerging leaders, community activists and young professionals committed to supporting the work of the ACLU and the fight for individual rights and fundamental freedoms for all. NextGen hosts regular opportunities to participate in fundraising and advocacy, and to gain a more comprehensive understanding of important local and statewide issues affecting our democracy. NextGen members bring an infusion of energy to the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties by activating their diverse professional and social networks around key issues and sharing their passion for protecting and expanding civil liberties.

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The ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties believes that people should have equal opportunity to participate, prosper and reach their full potential in our society.
We fight for this fundamental value on multiple fronts: from defending individuals’ civil rights and freedoms, to advocating for government accountability, to building power in marginalized communities to achieve meaningful social change.

This is a fight for equity. This is the reason to become a member of ACLU NextGen.

NextGen brings together young professionals, emerging leaders, community activists and others who care deeply about key issues affecting the future of our democracy. With their diverse connections, networking savvy, and passion for protecting civil rights and achieving social justice for future generations, NextGen members infuse the ACLU with new energy and enthusiasm.

NextGen members support the ACLU’s essential work in the San Diego region, across California and nationwide. This includes, but is not limited to, efforts to advance immigrant rights, demand police transparency and accountability; protect privacy rights, including digital privacy; advocate for education equity and housing affordability; defend voting rights, LGBTQ+ rights and reproductive freedom; and more.

NextGen members gain exclusive access to NextGen and other select ACLU events, receive in-depth ACLU news and analysis, and have unique volunteer opportunities to join the fight for equity in our region. Simply put, NextGen is networking with a mission.

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