There is different standard of policing for Black and Brown people compared to white people. Similar policing disparities are also found among other identities including the LGBTQ community and people with disabilities and mental illness.

Across the nation, and here in San Diego and Imperial counties, patterns of racial and identity profiling, the selective enforcement of laws against people of color and the disproportionate use of stops and searches on communities of color illustrate the systemic bias and racism present in policing practices. Countless stories from community members as well as years-worth of data analysis confirm this deeply troubling issue.

Given racial and identity disparities in whom police stop, search, arrest, use force upon and kill, we need bold and transformational solutions that address these issues comprehensively.

We need to drastically reduce the role, responsibilities and presence of police in the everyday lives of communities.

We need to divest from police budgets and deepen our investment of money and resources in community services and non-law enforcement interventions.