This morning the San Diego County Board of Supervisors heard a proposal, recommended by Supervisors Bill Horn and Dianne Jacob, for the County to begin exploring the use of E-Verify (Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification System).

Cynthia Buiza, policy director of the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties, was there to testify against this ill-advised proposal. Our public comment is below.

Hear Cynthia's testimony here! Scroll ahead to 2:40:52. Her testimony ends at 2:43:42.
The ACLU believes that there are many reasons that mandating E-verify for all county employees is misguided. This law will harm authorized workers and lead to discrimination. It will hurt American and legally authorized workers in San Diego County, who are forced to take on the burden of persuading multiple administrative bureaucracies to fix their records if they want to keep their jobs. It will lead to discrimination and have a disproportionate effect on workers who are perceived to be foreign-born. The data in E-Verify, especially if combined with other databases, would be a gold mine for intelligence agencies, and anyone who wanted to spy on American workers. Because of its scope, it could form the backbone for surveillance profiles of every American.

Take 2 minutes right now to call your Supervisor.. E-Verify is costly, ineffective, unreliable and leaves too much room for discrimination. Tell your Supervisor to Vote NO on E-Verify for San Diego County!


ACLU Testimony on E-Verify

ACLU Testimony on E-Verify.pdf