The following quote may be attributed to Norma Chavez-Peterson, executive director of the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties:

Police response to a peaceful protest with an overwhelming show of force leaves us wondering if we were watching events in the same San Diego that saw 100,00 people peacefully march in the city with the support of the police chief at the time. We have done much better in the past.

Law enforcement’s paramilitary tactics and mindset inflamed the situation. Law enforcement officers and officials are public servants tasked with serving and protecting their communities, not infringing on lawful and peaceful First Amendment protests.

ACLU stands in solidarity with Barrio Logan residents and other San Diegans who saw their first amendment rights trampled.

We want to hear your stories of what happened Friday. Please call us at 619.232.2121 to share with us your experiences. You can also email your account to We are also here to provide you the tools to take any next steps, such as filing a formal complaint.

To serve and protect is not a suggestion—it is a mandate that must apply to all communities. We are demanding that police be held accountable for their overreaction to the people of Barrio Logan.