#WeCanWednesday: Sarah Thompson

New Year, New Us. We’re back with another installment of #WeCanWednesday, where we highlight volunteers, staff, and community members who contribute to a more just and equitable region for all. January 2, 2019

California, Say Her Name

As stories of state violence against Black men and boys occupy many of the calls for police reform, countless stories of Black women and girls subjected to excessive force and police misconduct remain untold. We must say their names. June 11, 2018

Criminalizing Poor People Adds Insult To Injury

Criminalizing poor and homeless people for engaging in basic life-sustaining activities like eating, sleeping, resting and seeking shelter is unjust and cruel. It entrenches people in homelessness. When it’s done under the auspice of a vague and biased ordinance, it adds insult to injury. May 17, 2018