All students have the right to a quality education regardless of who they are or what they look like. But a 2017 study by UCLA found that California students lost over 250,000 days of instruction because of disruption/defiance suspensions during just one school year. This disruption/defiance category is subjective and overly broad, leading to suspensions of students for minor misbehavior like dancing, breaking the dress code, or not paying attention in class. This catch-all category punishes students with disabilities and students of color at alarmingly disparate rates and must stop. SB 607 will eliminate the use of suspension for minor misbehavior covered under the “disruption or willful defiance” category for California K-8 students, with a sunset provision for grades 6-8. By passing this bill, California will take a significant step to protect students from discriminatory school climates and encourage schools to find alternatives to keep students in the classroom – where they belong.

Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley)

ACLU of California, PolicyLink, Children Now, Black Parallel School Board, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, Mid City Can, Fight Crime Invest in Kids, Brothers Sons Selves Coalition, and Youth Justice Coalition.

Bill Status [Vetoed]

Vetoed: Governor Brown (9/30/18)
Approved: Assembly Floor Vote (8/31/18)
Approved: Assembly Education Committee (6/21/17)
Passed: Senate Floor Vote (5/8/17)
Approved: Senate Education Committee (4/5/17)
Introduced (2/17/17)

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