There are currently 5.5 million eligible but unregistered voters in California. Registration and participation for Latino, Asian, and Black Californians continues to lag behind that of white voters. California must do everything in its power to strengthen – not weaken – people’s right to vote, and to close persistent participation gaps. SB 72 will expand Election Day Registration to every polling site in California to make sure that any eligible Californian who wants to exercise their right to vote on Election Day can do so. This bill will make voting more accessible and ensure that all eligible voters’ voices are heard, because no voter should be turned away on Election Day. Nine states and the District of Columbia offer same day registration at all their polling sites on Election Day. It’s time for California to catch up.

Senator Tom Umberg (D-Garden Grove)

ACLU of California, Common Cause California, and the League of Women Voters of California

Bill Status [SIGNED]

Signed - Governor (10.08.2019)
Passed - Assembly Floor (09.09.2019)
Approved - Assembly Appropriations (08.30.2019)
Approved - Assembly Elections Committee (06.19.19)
Passed - Senate Floor (05.21.19)
Approved - Senate Appropriations Committee (05.16.19)
Approved - Senate Elections Committee (04.02.19)
Introduced (01.10.19)