Too often, LGBTQ people and others deemed vulnerable to assault in prison or jail are placed in segregated housing where they do not have access to the programming and work opportunities enjoyed by people in “general population.” Denial of education, drug rehabilitation, vocational training, jobs, and so forth not only makes incarceration feel harsher and makes re-entry to society more difficult, but can impair people’s ability to qualify for parole and to earn credits toward earlier release. SB 990 would mandate equal access to work and programming for people housed in special units for their own safety. It would also require jail and prison officials to ask individuals their preferred name and pronoun during the intake process and prohibit use of the wrong name or pronoun by correctional staff, thus promoting dignity and respect for transgender and nonbinary people in custody.

Senator Scott Wiener

ACLU of CA, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Los Angeles LGBT Center, Lambda Legal, Equality California

Bill Status [Inactive]

Held: Assembly Appropriations Committee (8/16/18)
Approved: Assembly Judiciary Committee (6/26/18)
Approved: Assembly Public Safety Committee (6/19/18)
Passed: Senate Floor Vote (5/30/18)
Approved: Senate Appropriations Committee (5/25/18)
Approved: Senate Judiciary Committee (4/24/18)
Approved: Senate Public Safety Committee (4/10/18)
Introduced (2/5/18)