On the campaign trail, President Trump proposed a Muslim registry. Although he hasn’t followed through with this threat yet, we must remain vigilant, affirm our common humanity, and reject any attempt to scapegoat Muslim communities.

Muslim Americans are our neighbors, friends, and colleagues. They are us.

SB 31 will ensure that California does not participate in any way in a registry targeting Muslims.

Senator Ricardo Lara

Bill Status [Signed]

Signed by Gov. Brown (10/15/17)
Passed: Senate Concurrence Vote (9/15/17)
Passed: Assembly Vote (9/15/17)
Approved: Assembly Appropriations Committee (9/1/17)
Approved: Senate Judiciary Committee (6/13/17)
Passed: Senate Vote (4/3/17)
Approved: Senate Appropriations Committee (3/13/17)
Approved: Senate Judiciary Committee (1/31/17)
Introduced (12/5/16)

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