California is poised to become a leader in solving problems faced by immigrants with signatures by the governor on a number of important immigrant rights bills this legislative session. Important protections for civil liberties, prevention of problematic employer mandates, and opportunities for immigrant students topped the list of bills signed by Governor Jerry Brown over the past few days.

Bills signed by the governor that were sponsored or supported by the ACLU of California:

  • AB 130/131Dream Act of 2011. AB 130 allows students who meet in-state tuition requirements to apply for and receive specified non-state financial aid programs administered by California's public colleges and universities. AB 131 allows students who meet the in-state tuition requirement to apply for and receive Cal Grants.
  • AB 1236 - E-Verify. Prohibits localities from mandating the deeply flawed E-Verify program on private entities and prevents a patchwork of employment verification laws.
  • AB 353 - Vehicle Impounds. Allows a sober motorist - or their agent - to retrieve their cars the following day, upon presentation of a driver's license and registration.
  • AB 207 - Student Residency.Requires school districts to accept evidence that pupil meets residency requirements for school attendance that do not include proof of citizenship.
  • SB 753 - English Language Testing. Prohibits schools from requiring students to retake sections of the California English Language Development Test tehy have already passed, and requires the test to be administered in the spring.
  • Ab 143 - Student Birthplace. Prohibits public school directories from stating the student's place of birth.