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  1. ACLU Statement on Carver Elementary School's School Prayer Policy

    July 11, 2007News updateReligious Liberty
  2. Recent ACLU Cases Defending the Constitutional Rights of Non-Christian Religions

    November 1, 2007News updateReligious Liberty
  3. Probe Surveillance of San Diego Muslims, ACLU Tells Congress

    May 28, 2008News updateImmigrants' Rights, Religious Liberty
  4. Don't Discriminate Against Political or Religious Groups, Says ACLU

    July 16, 2008News updateReligious Liberty
  5. San Diego Couple Should Be Free to Host Bible Study Sessions

    May 29, 2009News updateFree Speech, Religious Liberty
  6. ACLU Statement on Protests of Library Lecture on Islam

    August 11, 2009News updateFree Speech, Religious Liberty
  7. Mojave Desert Cross Case

    October 7, 2009News updateReligious Liberty
  8. ACLU Statement on Controversy over New York City Islamic Center

    August 27, 2010News updateReligious Liberty
  9. Supervisors to Consider Another $20,000 to Life Perspectives

    September 13, 2010News updateReligious Liberty
  10. Councilmember Tony Young's Sponsorship of SD Praise Fest

    September 24, 2010News updateReligious Liberty