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  1. ACLU Calls on CA Attorney General to Intervene in Vista and Steve Foley Shootings

    February 7, 2007News updatePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  2. SDSU Protests Injustice in Jena 6 Cases

    September 17, 2007News updateRacial Justice
  3. ACLU Case on Behalf of the Poor Featured on Colbert Report

    July 23, 2007News updateRacial Justice
  4. Want Condos Instead? Let Youth Center Have Its Day in Court

    August 6, 2008News updateRacial Justice
  5. Youth Gym Wins Its Day in Court

    January 23, 2009News updateRacial Justice
  6. San Diego Sheriff's Department's Immigration Enforcement Policy

    August 6, 2009News updateImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice
  7. ACLU Responds to UCSD Controversy on Several Fronts

    February 25, 2010News updateEducation Equity, Free Speech, Racial Justice
  8. ACLU Statement on UCSD's Response to the Atrocious 'Compton Cookout'

    February 22, 2010News updateFree Speech, Racial Justice
  9. San Diegans United to Oppose Arizona's Anti-Immigration Law

    April 27, 2010News updateImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice
  10. Latino Day Laborers Targeted in Encinitas

    May 13, 2010News updateImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice