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  1. Frere Speech of Day Laborers in El Cajon

    January 24, 2007News updateFree Speech, Immigrants' Rights
  2. ACLU'S Statement on Representative King's Homeland Security Hearings

    March 10, 2011News updateFree Speech, Immigrants' Rights, Religious Liberty
  3. ACLU Statement on Donald Trump’s Election

    November 11, 2016News updateImmigrants' Rights, Voting Rights, Free Speech, Religious Liberty
  4. ACLU Wins Suit Over Individuals’ Right to Protest and Monitor Border Patrol Checkpoint Operations

    February 13, 2018News updateFree Speech, Immigrants' Rights
  5. ACLU Statement on Ninth Circuit Decision Affirming First Amendment Right to Photograph Near Ports of Entry

    August 14, 2018Press releaseFree Speech, Immigrants' Rights
  6. Know Your Rights (old)

    August 22, 2015PageImmigrants' Rights, Police Practices, Border, Free Speech