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  1. Thanks to ACLU, California's Low-Performing Schools Are Improving

    August 15, 2007News updateEducation Equity
  2. Education Reform Coaltion Honored by Latino Unity Coalition

    May 30, 2008News updateEducation Equity
  3. Education Equality Appeal Delivered at All People's Breakfast

    January 19, 2009News updateEducation Equity, Immigrants' Rights
  4. School Apologizes for Illegally Banning 6th Grader's Harvey Milk Report

    June 11, 2009News updateLGBTQ Rights, Education Equity
  5. SD School Board to Vote on Education Equality

    June 9, 2009News updateEducation Equity
  6. Improving Education for All

    June 9, 2009News updateEducation Equity
  7. San Diego County Community Colleges Equal Education Resolution

    June 1, 2009News updateEducation Equity
  8. California School Bans Sixth Grader's Presentation on Harvey Milk

    May 20, 2009News updateEducation Equity, Free Speech, LGBTQ Rights
  9. San Diego School Board Passes 'A-G' Resolution

    June 10, 2009News updateEducation Equity
  10. The Departure of Superintedent Terry Grier

    August 21, 2009News updateEducation Equity