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Ramos, a San Diego native, grew up in the Barrio Logan area. Before joining the ACLU, Ramos served as administrative assistant in the San Diego office of the Immigration Center for Women and Children (ICWC). In this role, she assisted migrant victims of crime with U Visa applications which included screening migrants for immigration eligibility, conducting outreach, communicating with local law enforcement and assisting clients through their immigration process. Prior to ICWC, Ramos worked with the Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migracion in Mexico City as a Fulbright Scholar. Here, she supported the organization’s Legal Clinic and Transnational Family Support offices which included community outreach to inform returned migrants of their rights regarding schooling for their children, documentation and confronting discrimination. This also required continued communication with Mexican government offices such as the Secretary of Public Education, Secretary of External Relations and Integral Family Development. Ramos received her B.A. in political science from San Diego State University. She loves traveling, finding new ways to stay active and all things food.